Dr. Brian Gregori OUR PHYSICIANS

Brian S. Gregori, D.O.
President & Medical Director

Dr. Gregori is a board certified internal medicine specialist with a focused interest and practice in preoperative patient risk assessment and care. He is President and Medical Director of Comprehensive Pre-Operative Consultants, LLC, which has been providing preoperative care for over a decade. Dr. Gregori provides medical direction for PAT departments at several hospital facilities, working with hospital, surgical and anesthesiology department staff and administrators to optimize patient care and outcomes as well as facility efficiencies. Dr. Gregori is also a member of the Society for Perioperative Assessment and Quality Improvement.

Our Physicians

  • Comprehensive Pre-Operative Consultants provides only board certified physicians.
  • Our physicians maintain the highest level of proficiency in preoperative care, having accumulated hundreds of hours of training with nationally and professionally recognized perioperative medicine leaders at Johns Hopkins University, Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic
  • All CPC physicians are members of the Society for Perioperative Assessment and Quality Improvement
  • All CPC physicians maintain an up to date familiarity and understanding of the most recent guidelines published by the ACC, ACCP, ACP, ASA, ADA, NASS, AAOS, ARSA, AHA, and any other relevant source.

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